The Ana Handbook

Chapter 2 - Bracelets

Ana bracelets were an idea someone came up with so that individuals with eds could identify each other.  The original text has been copied and pasted many times, so why not again?

IFOF is a term that means "identification friend or foe" most commonly used in the aircraft industry. It is a thing on an airplane that tells people reading the signal if they are a friend or foe. We now have a system of our own. I got this from another site:

Have you ever wondered if the skinny girl you see has an ED (A or M)? And proud of it? You so desperately want to ask, or even try to make friends but are scared? Well, no more ... since we have our ribbon "Ana is a lifestyle..." and its red.

I propose that we all get a red beaded bracelet. You can make it or buy them. Wear it daily or when you go out to secretly say that you are proud to be pro-ana or proud to have an ED that is. Anytime you see someone wearing a red beaded bracelet, capture their eye contact and point to your bracelet, and if they return the same point to theirs ... then they are ED friendly. If not, then its just someone whom is wearing one. If you for some reason cant wear a red bracelet, then wear a red shirt every Monday!

Copy and paste this to your pro-ana web site and spread the message! 


Well, the red t-shirt thing never quite caught on, but the red bracelet has.  It's the only ED identification bracelet that's really standardized.  Most bracelets are beaded, and quite a few will have a dragonfly bead or clasp regardless of the colour.  Some say that ana bracelets are worn on the left wrist, and mia on the right.  Others say that the bracelet should be worn on the wrist that you eat with.  Here are the EDs and their corresponding colours.

Ana - Red
Mia - Blue (some also wear purple as mia, some wear dark blue for SI)
Ednos - Pink
General Ed - Purple (some also wear as mia)
SI - Black (some also wear dark blue)
White - to denote someone who is fasting.

There are other combinations listed, for those who are recovering etc., but I don't think those ever caught on, kinda like the red t-shirt thing.

You can make your own bracelet, or have someone make it for you.  If you don't have a friend who does this you can check online at eBay, or other sites.  You can search 'ana bracelet' but remember any beaded bracelet will do, so you may find it cheaper to find a generic bracelet. 

At one point all ana bracelets were made by the disordered, now a quick search on eBay shows me many sellers who are seeming to just want to cash in on the 'trend' by selling over priced bracelets with dragonflys.  Only a couple of sellers actually seem to have an ED, research who you buy from.  Try to keep it in the community.